A forward-thinking Property Management Solution (Powered by AI) that serves homeowners & tenants

Keep your rental property organized and in-check with our online property management software
To let help you manage & organize properties for Sales (or) Lettings (or) Managed Services 

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Making rental property management easier than ever with our best property management software 

All your property management services in one place

This online property management software is designed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive solution for managing property sales, rents and managed services in one place. It enables your estate agents/sub agent /realtors/negotiators to quickly access vital information related to properties, tenant information, process payments, create financial reports, and much more. 

Property management
As property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Now it's easier than ever to keep all your property management services organized. 

Sales Management
Tenants can access the details of their tenancy on the go with the help of our conversational AI Assistant. 

Tenant Management
Keep your tenants up to date. Manage your tenancies easily  

Data Migration
Efficiently organize team meetings, agent schedules, tenant viewings, and customer appointments in one place.

Set up payment reminders and notifications for your customers via email, text, or social media with ease. 

Calendar Management
Set up payment reminders and notifications for your customers via email, text, or social media with ease. 

Reporting & Analytics
Smart analytics for your real estate portfolio. Visualize metrics to make informed business decisions 

Invoicing & Payment System
With our simple Invoicing and Payment Automation that allows your agents/subagents/realtors/negotiators to create professional invoices and track payments while making it easier for your homeowners & tenants to make/track payments. 

Why choose NovaEstate? 

NovaEstate provides users with a streamlined way to manage their rental properties. It allows Landlords & Vendors to keep track of their Buyers & Tenants, view their properties’ performance, generate invoices, and much more. 

  • Integration
  • Automation
  • More Profits  
  • User friendly 

Property Management Software for Property Owner & Tenants
The all-in-one property management software. Switch and save, today! 

Key features

  • Comprehensive rental property database with easy & advanced search functionality
  • Ability to track multiple rental units at the same time 
  • Automatically calculate and process rent payments 
  • Customizable notification settings to stay informed of key events (Tenancy Expiration   
    Dates, Rent Due, Late Payments, & much more etc.) 
  • Detailed financial reporting including rental income/expense tracking 
  • Customizable security options with support for multiple user accounts and   
    permission settings 
  • Mobile-friendly interface with multi-device compatibility 
Integrate and get started 

NovaEstate can be integrated within minutes and streamline day-to-day operations. This can reduce the time needed to handle tasks, like collecting rent payments or addressing maintenance requests. By having all the necessary information in one place, Property Managers, Home Owners & Tenants can quickly access the data they need to make informed decisions. With the right integration partners, property management software for landlords, rental house property management can also help streamline financial reporting and track key performance indicators. 

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